Academic Offerings

Academic advising

Make an appointment with our academic advisor Ashley Clark to talk about your future in Real Estate.



Visit our Academic Offerings page for more information about the Real Estate curriculum. Here you will find the courses required to graduate, sample plans of study, and common double majors and minors. Many real estate students take advantage of the program’s flexibility by earning a double major, which enables them to specialize in an area of interest within the broad field of real estate.


Undergraduate student forms

Visit the College of Architecture and Urban Studies Forms for Undergraduate Students page for change of major/minor/concentration, course withdrawal, exam change, over-hours request, and resignation/withdrawal forms.


Career opportunities for Real Estate majors

Did you know there are many career opportunities in Real Estate in addition to being a real estate agent or broker? Visit our Employment and Internships page to find out about career paths in Real Estate.


Student organizations

Connect with current Virginia Tech real estate students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals through the Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate LinkedIn group.


Real Estate Club — The Real Estate Club will be planning a number of activities to get together throughout the year outside of classes. Some of our plans include leveraging experiences such as competing in real estate competitions with other real estate students, developing mentoring relationships with industry leaders, and inviting guest speakers. Students interested in joining the Real Estate Club should contact Ashley Clark.  All students with an interest in real estate are welcome.



Click here for the Fall 2017 textbook list! 


Computer Requirement

The Program in Real Estate follows the University Baseline Specifications for student computer requirements, which may be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Ashley Clark to set up an advising appointment and complete a Change of Major/Minor form.

Students may double major in real estate, providing they meet the graduation requirements for both majors. Checksheets for all majors are available on the registrar’s website. Contact Ashley Clark to set up an advising appointment. Then complete a Change of Major/Minor form and obtain the appropriate signatures.

Double Major:

  • You must complete the requirements for both majors within the same term.
  • You will receive a diploma for your primary major (degree) and a double major certificate for your secondary major (double major).

Second Degree:

  • You must complete the requirements for both majors.
  • You must complete an additional 30 credits over the minimum required for your first degree.
  • You may complete the second degree in a later term.
  • You will receive a separate diploma for each degree.

You should indicate on your Application for Degree on Hokie SPA if your secondary major should be a double major or a second degree under the section “What degree is this?” (Please note that if you will be completing your second degree in a later term than the first degree you will select “first degree for both majors.”)

First, talk to your academic advisor(s) to see if what you are planning can be used for credit toward your degree. You can also check the Transfer Guide for additional information.

A minor is a group of courses, fewer than the number required for a major, for students to take who wish to develop expertise or pursue an interest in some subject in addition to their major. Each department that offers a minor specifies the courses required for the minor. For most minors, the required courses are listed in the catalog, though for some you would need to consult with the department in question or your advisor.


The Student Success Center offers free tutoring in many subject areas, and some departments offer tutoring. See your academic advisor for more information.

  • Math tutoring: Contact the Math Department for private tutoring, tutoring lab, and other resources


Students enrolling in all undergraduate programs at Virginia Tech are required to have a personal computer. Please note that, beginning in 2008, the University now requires a laptop/notebook or tablet computer; a desktop computer is not an option. If you are using an Apple/Mac, you will need to configure the software to allow you to run Microsoft Windows in addition to Mac OSX.

Hardware: Please see the University-wide Computer Requirement website for minimum hardware specifications.

Software: All incoming undergraduate students are required to purchase the Microsoft Campus Agreement bundle of software. This includes incoming freshmen and transfer students. The bundle contains Microsoft Office Enterprise for Windows, Office for Macintosh, Windows operating system upgrades, and core client access licenses (CALs) for connecting to Microsoft servers. Unique to this Microsoft Campus Agreement license, purchasers are entitled to new versions of the software as long as they remain an undergraduate at Virginia Tech. Please see the University-wide Computer Requirement website for more information.

Must I purchase hardware and software from the University Bookstore?

You may purchase or lease hardware from any source. Issues such as after-sales support and warranty should be considered as well. The University Bookstore is often able to offer very competitive prices. Do you recommend any specific network hardware or interfaces? Please see the University Computer Requirement website for information on network Interface cards and modems compatible with University networks

During a student’s academic career at Virginia Tech, a total of up to six (6) credit hours of coursework may be dropped beyond the normal drop deadline date (this number includes any previously used Freshman Rule credits). A course withdrawal form must be submitted to your academic dean’s office after the last day to drop courses but no later than the Friday of the last full week of regular classes of the term enrolled for the course. The course will appear on your transcript with a W grade but will not count in your GPA hours nor in any GPA calculations.

Undergraduate students should visit the Guide to Graduation on the Registrar’s website for additional information.

You may request an official transcript from the Office of the University Registrar at Virginia Tech. Please visit the Registrar’s website for further information.

Please visit the Office of the University Registrar for further information.

Please visit the Office of the University Registrar for further information.

"The VT Real Estate Program has given me so many amazing opportunities.  There are always industry professionals and professors that are more than willing to help you.  Everyone in the program is both eager to learn and eager to teach which is very inspiring and motivating. "

Chloe Colvin, Class of 2018
Real Estate major with a concentration in Business