The founding goal of the Program in Real Estate is to graduate broadly trained students that have disciplinary depth to their education, which enables them to become entrepreneurial leaders in the industry.  For example, students double major in real estate and building construction, finance, property management or other majors (, click on “Double Majors”).  Students gain additional breath though an interdisciplinary collaboration of multiple colleges that support elective courses in destination study areas such Data Analytics and Decision Sciences, Intelligent Infrastructure for Human Centered Communities, Integrated security, etc. (  The Program also engages in high quality research to support outreach to the real estate industry.

Industry financial support enables the Program in Real Estate to offer one of the best real estate degrees in the country.  Industry support makes it possible to offer students practical learning experiences through guest lectures, seminars, field trips, conference attendance and other experiential learning opportunities. As members, you help to mentor the future leaders of your industry.  Members benefit from networking with students and peers, and setting the education, research and outreach agendas that advance the real estate industry. 

Individual membership levels:

·         Student (Bronze): one-time payment of $100 (continues for 3 years after graduation)

·         Junior (Orange): $500 annual payment (under 30 years of age)

·         Senior (Maroon): $1,500 annual payment (move to Sustaining after 5 years)

·         Sustaining (Black): $5,000 annual payment

Student member benefits include enhanced networking opportunities with industry leaders while enrolled in the Program and a peer network with Program graduates beyond graduation.  Current students will assist in hosting industry and student events.  Graduates will provide mock networking and interview events, and panels on starting careers to help current students develop their professional skills.

Junior, Senior, and Sustaining member benefits include membership on the Program in Real Estate Industry Advisory Board (   You receive invitations to program events, developing networking opportunities and partnerships, and receive the Program’s bi-annual newsletter. Most importantly, you will help students pursue their academic and career goals, and help to shape the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders in you industry. You will have a role in setting the research and outreach offered to industry.

Corporate levels (Gold):

·         Associate – Annual payment of $5,000

Associate benefits include all of the Individual benefits plus recognition for sponsoring Program events, listing as a supporting member in the Program’s newsletters and web site, and membership on one of the Program’s Regional Committees in your community (e.g., North Carolina, Richmond, Tidewater, Washington, DC).

·         Principal – Annual payment of $10,000

Principal benefits include all of the Individual and Associate benefits, and guaranteed space to recruit interns and graduates at Program sponsored internship and job fairs, a link on the Program’s web page to your companies’ web page, and a member of the company sits on the Program’s Industry Advisory Board.

·         Partner – Annual payment of $25,000

Partner benefits include all of the Individual, Associate and Principal benefits plus annual recognition in the newsletter and web page with stories about your company, and enhanced opportunities to recruit interns and graduates through student events hosted by your firm, advise on Program research and outreach, opportunity to request proprietary research to support company decision making.  A second member of the company may sit on the Program’s Industry Advisory Board.

·         Director's Circle – Annual payment of $50,000 or more

Director's Circle benefits include all of the Individual, Associate, Principal and Partner benefits.  These will be firm-specific requests to conduct large-scale proprietary research to support company decision making. 

Endowed members (Platinum):

·         Endowed gifts of $100,000 or more

These individuals and firms have provided endowed gifts to sustain the long-term excellence of the Program in Real Estate through named enrichment funds to advance diversity, faculty excellence funds, student scholarships, and other Program support endowments (  A Program naming opportunity requires and endowed gift of $10 million.  They enjoy all of the benefits of the other membership levels, are life members of the Industry Affiliates and participate as members of the Director’s Executive Team.

Note, in recognition of fluctuations in real estate activity and market cycles, annual payments will be computed on a five-year rolling average to determine participation levels.  Lump sum payments, in lieu of annual payments, will be amortized over a five-year period using a five-year average.

Payments are due by January 31 of each year.  

For more information on membership and benefits, please contact Kevin Boyle, Director (, 540-231-2907) or Ashley Clark, Manager of Academic Affairs and Business Operations (, 540-231-6518).